why create a “trauma-informed” legal practice?

Far too many survivors of sexual or gender-based violence have been unnecessarily traumatized by the justice system. As a result, survivors do not trust the justice system or those who play a role in it. Miyo Pimatisiwin Legal Services is committed to transforming the minds of legal academics, law students, lawyers and judges who work to build and maintain the justice system in its current form for the purpose of putting an end to the traumatizing legal processes, biases and mindsets that do harm to survivors and their loved ones. Becoming trauma-informed legal educators, students, lawyers and adjudicators is our chosen pathway to promote this transformation.

Becoming trauma-informed is an act of reconciliation

our services

Miyo Pimatisiwin is a trauma-informed legal practice led by Indigenous lawyer, Myrna McCallum. We offer a range of services which include legal advice, workplace investigations, consultation or advisory services, policy analysis, Indigenous inter-generational trauma education, training on trauma-informed lawyering as well as public presentations on trauma-informed practice strategies for addressing sexual misconduct, gender-based violence and Indigenous cultural humility, for small and large organizations.

training services

We provide awareness and training programs on Indigenous inter-generational trauma, cultural humility and trauma-informed practice for law schools, lawyers, law makers, administrators, advocates and other justice workers. We offer services to large and small organizations who are dedicated to improving their relationships with their client base by improving and transforming their service delivery to align with a trauma-informed legal practice.


legal advice

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence or believe you have been discriminated against or harassed under one of the protected characteristics identified in the BC Human Rights Code, please call us for a free consultation.


consultation services

We offer an Indigenous and trauma-informed lens which is guided by cultural humility which is critical in establishing a credible and trustworthy process in the current climate which demands that institutions and organizations be more efficient, more accommodating and more cognizant of the potential for trauma.


investigation services

Miyo Pimatisiwin conducts trauma-informed workplace investigations which are guided by the principles of cultural humility.


what does “miyo pimatisiwin” mean?

miyo pimatisiwin” is a Plains Cree phrase which translates to “good life” or “to live in a good way”. We chose this phrase for our law practice because we are committed to delivering legal advice, training programs and consultation or advisory services in a good, ethical and trauma-informed way.

advisory services

Myrna McCallum is a member of the External Advisory Committee for the Department for Women and Gender Equality’s National Framework to Address Gender-Based Violence at Post-Secondary Institutions.

She also serves as an Advisor on the External Advisory Council for the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to address and eliminate sexual misconduct and gender-based violence in the DND and CAF.

contact us

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