Vancouver police discriminated against Indigenous mother, B.C. rights tribunal rules

After a four-day hearing in September at the B.C Human Rights Tribunal, Amber Prince and Myrna McCallum, were successful in establishing that Vancouver Police officers discriminated against our client, Deborah Campbell, when she witnessed them arrest her son in 2016. Continue Reading

Truth Before Reconciliation: Remarks on Interactions with Indigenous People Accessing Colonial Human Rights Processes

Recently the BC Human Rights Tribunal remarked that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission called on all participants in the justice sector to provide culturally competent services.1 We have offered this paper to you in the spirit of generosity, collegiality and a common goal to do better. Nothing contained within this material is intended to admonish… Continue Reading

Intergenerational Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy

Indigenous women are historically and disproportionately targeted for violence in all its forms. The effects of violence against Indigenous women are often felt and seen in the heart of Indigenous communities: the children, the grandchildren, and the great-grandchildren. Intergenerational trauma shows itself in various menacing forms many of us are familiar with: an inability to… Continue Reading

For Cindy Gladue and all Indigenous women who endured gender-based violence – an article written for Ending Violence Association of B.C.

Indigenous women and girls are targeted for sexual and physical violence everyday. We are the most vulnerable, unprotected, devalued and disrespected group of females in this country. In Canada, a provincial court judge feels emboldened to ask an Indigenous survivor testifying to rape why she couldn’t keep her knees together. In another Alberta court room,… Continue Reading

For Judy Marilyn McCallum: recognition, resilience and respect

I have been struggling to find a way to depersonalize the subject of gender-based violence and inter-generational trauma so I can deliver a keynote for EVA BC in an objective manner but no matter how I come at it, my mind goes to my mom. I finally accept that there is no way I can… Continue Reading

Speech given at 2017 IWD conference

By Myrna McCallum I want to acknowledge that the land on which we are gathered this evening is Treaty Six territory and the traditional homeland of the Metis. I would like to thank the Saskatoon Women’s Community Council for asking me to speak tonight. Let me start by sharing a story of mine that my… Continue Reading

UBC Alumni Profile

By Kate Braaten, Allard Law JD Candidate 2019   I had the pleasure of meeting with Myrna McCallum the recently appointed Director of Investigations at UBC. Myrna is Cree-Métis from northern Saskatchewan. She was a single mom of young children during her time at law school. Racism, exclusion and the over-representation of Indigenous peoples in… Continue Reading

Vicarious trauma in the legal profession

Note: this article was written by Carolynne Burkholder-James and was originally published in the CBA National on March 21, 2019 Myrna McCallum never learned about vicarious trauma in law school. "It was only after I became a Crown prosecutor and even more after I became an adjudicator in residential school claims that I began to… Continue Reading