consultation services

Miyo Pimatisiwin Legal Services offers trauma-informed legal consultation and advisory services to help large and small institutions, organizations and administrators create trauma-informed strategies to address human rights violations and sexual misconduct in the workplace. We offer an Indigenous and trauma-informed lens which is guided by the principles underpinning cultural humility which is critical in establishing a credible and trustworthy process in the current climate which demands that institutions and organizations be more efficient, more accommodating and more cognizant of the potential for trauma. 

There is a growing commitment among administrators and leaders in the public and private sectors to develop trauma-informed strategies to address incidents of human rights violations, bullying, sexual misconduct and other forms of gender-based violence in the workplace. These strategies will improve workplace culture by way of increasing education; expanding reporting options; offering alternatives to investigations; and creating new approaches to adjudication. Our services include: 

  • identifying best practices for reporting, investigating and informally resolving sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment complaints;
  • developing plans to increase reporting of sexual misconduct and gender-based violence in the workplace;
  • building upon approaches to increase awareness of reporting and investigation options; and 
  • improving policies, procedures and practices to reduce or eliminate sexual misconduct, bullying, human rights violations and gender-based violence in the workplace.