training services

Miyo Pimatisiwin Legal Services provides organizational leaders and their staff training workshops, lectures and presentations on a variety of subject matter including: 

  • Indigenous inter-generational trauma
  • Vicarious trauma for legal professionals, investigators and decision-makers
  • Cultural humility v. cultural competence
  • Implicit bias, stereotyping & victim-blaming in sexual misconduct investigations
  • How to conduct a trauma-informed investigation
  • Trauma-informed client engagement strategies
  • Trauma-informed lawyering as an act of reconciliation 
  • Transactional v. relational advocacy 

Following is a list of recent presentations by Myrna McCallum on one or more of the subjects listed above: 

Truth, Trauma & Reconciliation – Annual Staff Training, BC Branch, Canadian Bar Association (January 10, 2020)

TIP104: Practising Cultural Humility, Recognizing Implicit Bias & Detecting Vicarious Trauma– Amici Curiae Lexture Series Workshop (December 10, 2019)

Recognizing & Respecting indigenous Trauma and Resilience in the Courtroom, Hearing Room and Interview Room – Annual Training Forum, Ending Violence Association of B.C. (November 28, 2019)

TIP103: Trauma-Informed Advocacy – Amici Curiae Lexture Series Workshop (November 26, 2019)

becoming a trauma-informed lawyer: an act of reconciliation (co-delivered w/Amber Prince) – Human Rights Law Conference, Continuing Legal Education B.C. (November 15, 2019)

Becoming a Trauma-Informed Lawyer: A Call to Action for Law Students and Legal Educators – University of Victoria 1L Class (October 29, 2019)

Trauma-Informed and Culturally Competent Sexual Misconduct Investigations – Birchmount Keynote and Training Session (October 23, 2019)

Recognizing and Respecting Trauma in the Indigenous Client – Provincial Advocates Conference, B.C Law Foundation (October 10, 2019)

Creating Safer Workplaces and Communities Training (co-delivered w/Tracy Porteous & Chastity Davis) for the Tsilquot’in National Government (October 8, 2019)