training services

We provide awareness and training programs on Indigenous inter-generational trauma, cultural humility and trauma-informed practice for law schools, lawyers, law makers, administrators, advocates and other justice workers. We offer services to large and small organizations who are dedicated to improving their relationships with their client base by improving and transforming their service delivery to align with a trauma-informed legal practice.

Miyo Pimatisiwin offers specific training and advisory services to government officials, administrators, lawyers/law offices, judges, investigators and advocates on how to:

  • implement and reflect the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action within workplaces, schools and organizations;
  • address gender-based violence occurring within an organization in a safe and culturally aware way;
  • establish trauma-informed competency requirements for investigatory, administrative and legal professionals;
  • conduct sexual misconduct, discrimination and harassment investigations in a trauma-informed, culturally humble and procedurally fair manner.